Season 2: Guest

To help provide actionable steps for navigating the Startup and Venture Capital Ecosystem for underrepresented founders, we interviewed Founders, VCs, and Ecosystem Builders that identify with this group and that have found success in the field.

Jareau Wade

Chief Growth Officer
at Finix Payments

Jareau Wade, Chief Growth Officer at Finix Payments; which allows enterprises to own, manage, and monetize their payments in house. We discuss everything from the day to day life of a Chief Growth Officer, Trends that are impacting FinTech, and more. Listen here.

Megan Holston-Alexander

Megan Holston-Alexander, Partner at a16z's Cultural Leadership Fund; which is a venture firm that partners with cultural leaders to advance more African Americans into technology. We discuss everything from the importance of increasing diverse representation on the cap table to fundraising advice for founders. Listen here.

Maria Salamanca

Maria Salamanca, Partner at Unshackled Ventures; which is an early stage venture firm investing into startups founded by immigrant founders. We discuss everything from Unshackled's thesis to advise on raising capital. Listen here.

Keenan Williams

of Rezi

Keenan Williams, Co-Founder of Rezi; which is a real estate startup that allows landlords and tenants to rent apartments instantly. We discuss everything from building product to raising capital. Listen here.

Domonique Fines

Dir. of Engagement
at All Raise

Domonique Fines is Dir. of Engagement at All Raise; which is an organization that seeks to increase the amount of women receiving venture funding. We discuss challenges that women face with raising capital, Domonique's role at All Raise, and how All Raise benefits women VCs. Listen here.

Juan-Pablo Mas is a Partner at Action Potential VC; which is a growth stage venture firm investing into healthcare startups. Topics to look forward to include due diligence of healthcare startups, COVID-19's impact on healthcare startups, and increasing diverse representation in venture capital. Listen here.

Founder & CEO
of Undock

Nash Ahmed is the founder of Undock; which is a software company that helps people instantly schedule, host, and document meetings. Topics to look forward to include advice for raising a seed round, building product, building a team, and defining your startup's North Star. Listen here.

Founder & Managing Partner
of Rarebreed Ventures

Mac Conwell is the founder of Rarebreed Ventures; which is a venture capital firm investing at the pre-seed stages into exceptional founders. Join us as we learn more about his firm's approach to evaluating pre-seed companies, and on what makes a rare-breed founder. Listen here.